employee recognition

employee recognition

Finding good, hard-working employees is one thing, but keeping them around is a whole other task.

Recruitment is a challenging task, and frequently having to train new employees can cost you valuable time and money.

If you want to encourage your employees to stick around, you need to demonstrate that you care about your staff.

Keeping your staff needs to start from day one. Studies show that 82% of hires are more likely to stay longer if you have a good onboarding process.

Making sure that you have happy employees will not only boost your productivity and profits, but not having to continually recruit will save you time and money. So, if you’re seeking to enhance employee experience, then here are just three ways that you can take better care of your employees.

1. Make the Right Choice on Day One.

A bad hire doesn’t just affect you and your business, but it ruins the morale of your existing employees. If you hire the wrong person for the job, your hard-working employees can end up stuck picking up the slack.

Finding your ideal candidates is never easy, but companies such as Oleeo offer a number of software solutions to ensure that your job adverts are reaching the right people and that can help you filter those unqualified candidates out before they reach your desk.

You could also consider finding new candidates through employee referrals. Your existing employees may know the perfect person for a position that needs filling, and they’re unlikely to recommend someone unqualified as it will reflect poorly on them.

2. Provide Skill Development.

Upskilling your employees isn’t just good for them, but it’s fantastic for your business too.

When they feel like their career has direction, and they can see a clear path to success, they’ll feel valued. When your staff feel engaged in their jobs and that they’re progressing in their roles, they’ll be more likely to stick around longer.

By offering your employees development, you’ll benefit from the skills that they acquire, boosting your business opportunities and maximising your chance to turn a profit.

3. Listen to What They Need.

Listening to your employees needs and requests and then acting upon them will demonstrate that you care about keeping them around.

For example, do your employees want to continue working remotely in at least some capacity in this post pandemic world. In fact, as many as 84% of workers plan to work in some form of hybrid model. So, allowing remote working if your staff request it is a great way to encourage them to stay at your company.

Similarly, offering flexibility to allow them to manage their family lives is essential. If your employees have children, make allowances in their schedule for things such as the school run.

Flexible working patterns not only promote a better work/life balance, but letting them plan their day around their most productive hours will benefit your business too.

How do you show your employees that you care? Tell us in the comments below!


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