Critical Mention 2021 Recap

Critical Mention’s Google Analytics integration allows users to:

  • View and customize Google Analytics website metrics alongside mentions in reports to understand the impact of earned media on web traffic and conversions
  • Navigate search display by Users, Sessions, Pageviews, Goal Completions and much more
  • Display Charts by Time, User Type, Traffic Channel, Source and Referrals

The Critical Mention Help Center allows users to browse through help articles and video tutorials. Users can now search and find answers to frequently asked questions and topics. The Help Center has articles on how to create searches, how to build reports, how to create different types of alerts and more.

The database-broadcast connection has strengthened Critical Mention’s all-in-one platform by allowing users to see cast and crew data for broadcast mentions through our Media Contact Database. This release creates a more connected experience since users can easily access media contacts by clicking on their names and outlets in broadcast mentions.

The Critical Mention Earned Media Suite lets users track earned media across leading social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and now Instagram. Users can now:

  • Monitor public Instagram Accounts
  • Save Instagram mentions directly from the Social section of the Search tab
  • Receive real-time alerts of Instagram mentions
  • View Instagram post type, language, follower count and publicity values
  • Email clips directly from the Earned Media Suite and add them to reports


Critical Mention users can now track audience and publicity values for their radio mentions. Plus, users have the ability to create reports with radio metrics and create audience and publicity alerts.

This release allows users to easily navigate sections of the platform on mobile and tablet devices. Critical Mention’s Earned Media Suite now has a redesigned navigation bar and Alerts and Contacts tabs are more responsive.

Critical Mention has partnered with UserVoice to give users the opportunity to provide feedback on the platform. Users can:

  • Submit your ideas on what we should do next
  • See and vote on ideas other users have posted
  • Stay updated on our latest features

This update allows users to create separate searches for mentions like Disney, Disney+ and #Disney. This allows users to break down searches into more specific categories to better track their mentions.

The Earned Media Suite has been revamped with an updated design that includes updates to several pages and more mobile-friendly platform updates. Updated design changes have been made for expanded mentions within the Standalone Pages where users can view clips and generate downloads.

Users can monitor audience and publicity values for podcast mentions. This addition to the platform allows users to add podcast audience and publicity values to reports. Plus users can share those values via email, directly from the platform.

Location and Designated Market Area (DMA) data in the Critical Mention Media Contact Database is now powered by Google. The following updates have been made to the Media Contact Database:

  • DMA options have been added to contact and outlet location filters, allowing users to select an entire region when searching for media personalities
  • Location dropdown is now more accurate, as largest/main cities are displayed first
  • Searches are now allowed for state abbreviations on location search dropdown

Critical Mention is continuously adding channels to track on its Earned Media Suite! Over 300 TV and radio channels have been added throughout the year.

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