Four reasons why Microsoft Surface devices are great for businesses

3. Exceptional levels of protection with endpoint security

Surface devices leverage the full power of Microsoft’s approach to endpoint security, offering exceptional levels of protection for businesses and their employees. Cybersecurity is a priority for every business, and every Surface model comes with Microsoft security features that provide the best protection available, such as biometric authentication.

What’s unique about the Surface range is that Microsoft owns every part of the technology – from the hardware, through to the firmware and software, down to the cloud services. Microsoft manufactures its own UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), which means updates are pushed to devices as soon as they’re available, reducing vulnerabilities and preventing hacks before they happen.

IT teams also have the flexibility and level of control they need to keep Surfaces secure through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. For example, activating DFCI (Device Firmware Controlled Interface) means that features on enrolled Windows Autopilot devices – such as a camera or microphone – can be locked down, the equivalent of physically removing that component.

The net result of all these features is increased security. Research from leading IT analysts Forrester1 suggests businesses using Surfaces experience an average 20% reduction in annual security breaches, as well as reduced spending on other security services.

Melissa E. Romero

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