How to Start a Blue Moon Estate Sales Franchise in 2023

How to Start a Blue Moon Estate Sales Franchise in 2023

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Blue Moon Estate Sales was established in 2009 with a mission to set new standards in an unregulated industry. The need for an estate sale typically comes about during a particularly stressful point in a person’s life. A person may be moving, downsizing or managing a loved one’s belongings. The brand’s ultimate goal is to efficiently minimize that stress and maximize results.

Helping people is what motivates Blue Moon Estate Sales, and the brand prides itself on providing excellent service to both its clients and customers. Estate sales are a big undertaking, and this franchisor has it down to a science. The foundation it has built supports a trustworthy, reproducible business model proven to result in great sales, loyal customers and successful franchisees.

A Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise provides a tremendous opportunity in a growing, in-demand industry. In 2021, 6.5 million existing homes were sold in the United States. For years, estate sales have been run by small, unregulated companies with varied results. Blue Moon Estate Sales experts train franchisees extensively on the ins and outs of successful marketing, acquiring new business opportunities and conducting sales. With millions of baby boomers in need of estate liquidation services this franchise opportunity offers prospective franchisees the most opportune time to start a career in this industry.

Today, families are much smaller but own a lot more stuff – often more than can be reasonably passed down to loved ones. By taking advantage of Blue Moon’s complete market support, comprehensive training and reliable strategies, franchise owners can expect a high return on investment in one to two years – as well as a steady increase in returns annually. Very few companies exist in this franchise segment and Blue Moon was the first to focus purely on estate sales.

Blue Moon continues to stand out, offering franchisee candidates all of the following.

  • A low startup cost with more bang for your buck.
  • Large, protected territories.
  • Minimal inventory.
  • A low investment.
  • Brand confidence and recognition.
  • A loyal following of return customers.
  • An extensive web presence.
  • A friendly, supportive staff.
  • A proprietary digital platform.

Blue Moon’s highly scalable, home-based business model requires minimal space to store supplies and provides significant advantages, including the following.

  • Home based business.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • No accounts receivable.
  • A loyal, direct-pay customer base.
  • Effective, multi-channel marketing.
  • A proven sales management process.
  • A proven client intake process.

Blue Moon believes in going into business for one’s self, but never by yourself. With this franchisor, you’ll receive the following.

  • Comprehensive, hands-on training.
  • Ongoing educational resources.
  • Franchisee website maintenance.
  • Specialized support from a team of experts.
  • 24/7 access to a private community of peers.
  • Sister brand networking and referral opportunities.
  • Annual conferences.
  • National accounts.

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How much does a Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise cost?

To open a Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise, here are the financial requirements, cash required and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership.

Initial franchise fee: $19,500 to $52,000.

Initial investment: $40,950 to $85,525.

Net worth requirement: $100,000.

Cash requirement: $50,000.

Royalty fee: 5% / 7.5%.

Ad royalty fee: 1%.

Term of agreement: 10 years.

Blue Moon Estate Sales franchising doesn’t offer in-house financing for candidates but does maintain relationships with several third-party funding sources which offer financing to cover the franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll. For the latest information, please review Item 7 of the Blue Moon Estate Sales FDD for explanatory notes and additional franchise information.

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Support and training offered by Blue Moon Estate Sales franchising

Blue Moon Estate Sales franchising includes a team of highly experienced professionals working to support each Blue Moon franchisee across the country. The two-week training program covers all disciplines of the industry. The brand teaches proper marketing techniques, sales, setup and event planning from its extensive front and back-of-house marketing platform, as well as item assessment and identification processes, pricing strategies and more.

Blue Moon is constantly investing in online marketing platforms that drive leads for each franchise owner. It also plugs franchisees into an innovative sales platform that integrates social media, email, rewards and sales data marketing – all together in one place.

The brand’s support team handles franchise development marketing to recruit new owners, corporate-level marketing to increase brand awareness and credibility across the nation, and marketing for current owners to increase brand awareness and business success at a local level. Franchisees can rely on the marketing team for both training and resources to communicate effectively to consumers, clients, referral partners and other local community members. The marketing team is responsible for organic and paid efforts, including but not limited to: Website development, search engine optimization, advertising and analytics, graphic design, social media, copywriting, print collateral, radio, podcasts and video development.

How can you find out more details on the Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise?

Running estate sales is fast-paced, fun and a lot of work. Blue Moon is seeking candidates who are energetic and ready to succeed. Whether it’s through a love of history, resale, collectibles, antiques, art or vintage items, a passion for this business is key. It is also important to remember that Blue Moon’s clients are often experiencing stress that comes along with major life changes.

With this in mind, the brand’s ideal candidate has the following characteristics.

  • Exceptional ethics.
  • High energy and drive.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Respect and compassion for others.
  • A willingness to follow a proven system.
  • A passion for the industry.
  • A business mindset.

Each Blue Moon Estate Sales location is home-based, and franchisees can set their own hours. With no brick-and-mortar requirements, there are no mandatory operating hours that would keep someone restrained in a retail environment. Rather than a storefront, Blue Moon’s sales are conducted within its clients’ homes, and only minimal space is required for supplies.

Blue Moon Estate Sales is one of the few franchises that strikes all the right chords with people looking to earn a good living while making a difference in others’ lives. If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, working some weekends, and serving your community, you might be just who the company is looking for.

To request more franchise information on franchise ownership, please visit the Blue Moon Estate Sales brand page here on Entrepreneur.

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