The six emerging behavioural shifts creating snacking opportunities in the increasingly uncertain business environment

The pandemic has really brought wellness to the forefront of consumers’ minds, with recent ADM OutsideVoice research finding 77% of consumers intend to  make more attempts to stay healthy in the future.

Producers that can successfully balance consumer health concerns with affordability are most likely to win with consumers, said the company.

The six most prominent behavioural changes ADM identified all touch on health and wellness.

Gut health and immune function

FMCG Gurus’ ‘Twelve Step Guide for Addressing COVID-19 in 2020 and Beyond’ reports that globally, 57% of consumers say they are more concerned about their immunity than ever before. As a result, they are becoming more savvy about what the human microbiome is and how it can support overall wellbeing.


Although the plant-based trend saw tremendous growth long before COVID-19, it has really taken off in recent months. ADM’s research found that 18% of Americans purchased their first plant-based protein since the outbreak, with 92% of them stating they are likely to continue purchasing meat alternatives long into the future. In Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, 80% of consumers believe they will continue to eat plant-based meat alternatives beyond COVID-19.

Weight management and metabolic health

The pandemic’s consequences for people with hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease have consumers viewing weight management and metabolic health in a new light, with 51% of them indicating they are concerned about being less active or gaining weight during the pandemic.

Selfcare and emotional wellbeing

There is little doubt COVID-19 has heightened feelings of anxiety and stress. While consumers are seeking solace with something a little more indulgent, there is still the underlying desire to maintain a balance with good nutrition.