ARPA Grants Still Providing K, K and K to Small Businesses

Small businesses are still reeling from the devastating impact of the pandemic, which is exacerbated by the current economic climate. This is why the American Rescue Plan Act or ARPA is still offering funds to small business owners in communities across the country. The amount of money ARPA-related programs are offering will vary depending on the issue a community is looking to address.

So, make sure to keep up with any ARPA-related grants the community you live in is offering and apply as soon as possible. These grants or one time payment offers through stimulus programs are a great way to keep your business going if you are facing financial difficulty. And since you don’t have to pay it back, you can optimize the money to do more.

The ARPA grants for small businesses include several programs that are looking to help businesses that have suffered financial loss due to the pandemic. Programs such as Small Business STIMulus Grant Program will be providing one-time payments of up to $50,000, while other grants will be offering up to $10,000 to support operations. Find out about all the other grants available now.


Small Business News Roundup – August 26, 2022

Here is a look at the week in small business headlines from Small Business Trends.

Naresh Kumar on Using Heat Maps to Grow Your Business

Recently, Small Biz in: 15 On Location, traveled to Austin, Texas for ZohoDay 2022. In this episode, Shawn Hessinger, the Chief Editor of Small Biz Trends talks with Zoho Corporation Product Manager Naresh Kumar to find out more about how heat maps and other software marketing tools can be used to grow your business.

Apple Adds MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to Self Service Repair List

Apple has announced the launch of its Self-Service Repair program allowing users to perform their own repairs for select iPhone models. Self-Service Repair will be available for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks with the M1 family of chips. As part of the offering, Apple will be providing repair manuals and genuine Apple parts and tools through the Apple Self Service Repair Store.

Mastercard and Hello Alice Partner on New Small Business Credit Card

Hello Alice and Mastercard have announced that they are launching a new business credit card that will feature the ability to earn points when conducting business-advancing activities via the Hello Alice platform.

Adobe Says Ecommerce Experienced Deflation for First Time Ever

Ecommerce has entered deflation for the first time in over two years, according to the latest Adobe Digital Price Index (DPI). Adobe Says Ecommerce Experienced Deflation for First Time Ever Adobe recently published the latest online inflation data from the Adobe Analytics-powered DPI which showed that online prices had decreased in July by 1% year-on-year.

Tom Brady Using NFTs for Unique Access and Merch

How is all-time NFL great quarterback Tom Brady using NFTs to better engage with his fans? Through the company he co-founded, Autograph, they have created Signature Experiences. This is an NFT-powered experience called The Huddle that gives fans unique access to Brady.

Shopify Collabs Wants to Connect Small Business Merchants and Creators

Shopify is trying to bring small businesses together with Shopify Collabs, which aims to make it simple for creators to monetize while giving merchants a new sales and marketing channel. Shopify Collabs Wants to Connect Small Business Merchants and Creators Shopify Collabs enables creators of all kinds to easily browse, discover and partner with Shopify’s millions of merchants for free.

Choosing the Right CRM Software for Your Business

Recently, Small Biz in :15 On Location traveled to Austin, Texas, for ZohoDay 2022 and talked with several business leaders about what to look for in a CRM Platform.

Venmo Reaches Small Business Milestone

Venmo, the payment services provider has announced that it has grown by 50% and now has nearly 90 million accounts in the second quarter of 2022. According to this milestone, nearly one in every 3.5 consumers in the U.S. use Venmo.

Gas Prices Go Down to March’s Level

Average gasoline prices in the US have fallen to $3.901 a gallon down from last week’s $3.956, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). The average gas price has shown a steady decline in over two months offering some relief to drivers after gas prices surpassed $5 per gallon in June.

Top Crypto Movers of the Week

This week the cryptocurrency market started out with high hopes and by Friday it was back down again. This highlights the volatility of the crypto market and why you should always be very careful if you are investing in it. However, the top crypto movers this week did great gaining from 21.39% to 85.44%.

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